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Warwick Adeney - Soloist in Sensational Soloists

Updated: Apr 30

Born into a large family of violinists, Warwick Adeney trained at Queensland Conservatorium alongside three of his siblings. While there he learnt with Dr Anthony Doheny, was a member of the Ambrosian Quartet, and emerged as the Gold Medal graduate of 1984.

He joined Queensland Theatre Orchestra under Georg Tintner, and rose to be concertmaster in 1989. During the years of Anthony Camden’s musical oversight, Warwick played many solos, including the memorable Lark Ascending with Sir Neville Marriner, and directed many concerts. 

In 2001, the amalgamation of orchestras in Queensland occurred, forming the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and Warwick served initially as co-concertmaster with Alan Smith under conductor Michael Christie, then as concertmaster under Johannes Fritzsch and Alondra de la Parra. Over his many years Warwick enjoyed the privileged and challenging life of the orchestra, and along the way became something of a specialist in ballet solos and The Four Seasons.


Early in 2023 Warwick retired from the orchestra, in a special concert of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, conducted by new chief conductor Umberto Clerici.


Married to Michele, a fellow musician, Warwick is blessed with a large family, all of whom learn a variety of instruments, and he directs music at a weekly traditional Latin mass.


The violin that Warwick plays is a Venetian instrument from the early 18th century, probably by Carlo Antonio Testore.


Warwick plays Bruch’s rich and seductive Violin Concerto No. 1 in our upcoming June concert.

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