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Kerry Neill: Soloist in A Night at The Proms

A descendant of the Kabi Kabi, Waka Waka and South Sea Islander peoples, Kerry Neill has strong cultural and family ties with the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

As an Indigenous dancer and didgeridoo player, Kerry has toured all over Australia and the USA.

The director of TribalLink Pty, the home of the Goombuckar Indigenous Cultural bus and TribalLink Activity Centre, Kerry has also worked within community services, health, training and education, creating and delivering Indigenous education experiences and lessons in line with the national curriculum, and cross-cultural training recognised and accredited by the Royal Australian Collage of General Practice and Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Affairs.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in community services, health and education, Kerry has been involved in the writing and delivery of cross-cultural communication, dance, health and behaviour management programs across NSW and Queensland. Kerry has also facilitated anger management courses within correctional facilities and schools.

Kerry recognises and pays his respects to all First Nations people, elders both past and present.

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