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Julia Janiszewski – Soloist in A Christmas Celebration

Beginning her cello studies at the age of 11 with Sunshine Coast cellist Louise King, Julia Janiszewski is an alumna of the Canberra School of Music, and was one of the inaugural Canberra Symphony Orchestra Kingsland Resident Artists.

During her conservatorium years, Julia received numerous prizes and awards including the Corinna D’Hage String Scholarship, the Basil Jones Sonata Prize, the Margaret Smiles Most Outstanding Instrumentalist prize and the Griffith University Postgraduate Award.

A prolific chamber and orchestral musician, Julia has toured internationally with the Childers Street Quartet and the Australian Youth Orchestra, and has been a core member of the Sydney-based Mariner Trio and the Brisbane-based Taimana Ensemble.

In addition to her classical performance, Julia enjoys side-gigging as a freelancer in jazz, folk, and contemporary contexts. She has collaborated with artists such as Benny Maupin, the RAah Project, Darol Anger, Tristan Clarridge, Duncan Wickel and Lena Jonsson.

Julia is an established cello teacher and a strong advocate for outreach, community and education initiatives in classical music.

Julia is looking forward to performing Vivaldi’s Concerto For Two Cellos In G Minor with Franziska Frank at A Christmas Celebration on 9 December. Julia says “There’s a very strong nostalgic element to this piece - like most cellists, it was one of the formative pieces for me growing up and made all the more fun by being able to play it with friends. It’s a tremendous privilege to finally perform this work with an orchestra alongside Franziska to represent the culmination of years of learning and practice.”

“I love working with players who choose to be a part of the orchestra because of their commitment to the Sunshine Coast community. Every member of the SCSO is volunteering their artistry, passion and engagement, with dedication and respect for one another.”

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Noel Thorpe
Noel Thorpe

Shame she is a fee mason

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