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Adrian King: Great Russian and German Masterpieces - Concert Report

‘Wonderful’, ‘superb’, ‘so good’, – these were some of the very many remarks made to me at the conclusion of the concert at Kenilworth by members of the full house audience yesterday afternoon. Followed by ‘Rhys played brilliantly’ and ‘he is destined to go far!’

I fully concur with all of these complimentary remarks, and while the programme did have its odd and incongruous moments, these did not detract at all from the overall amazing and fantastic sound that the orchestra produced.

Firstly, thanks to Rhys Williams for his excellent playing in the Mendelssohn: his execution of the passages, and memorisation of the music were perfection and magnificent!

Thank you to Genevieve Bignell for her confident and musical leading.

To all the ‘soloists’ in the orchestra: very well played, your contribution to the pieces was wonderful, plus all the sections performed with musicality and excellence – thank you!

The Kenilworth Hall was pleasantly conducive to our music-making, all the hard surfaces both on and off stage were sympathetic to the orchestral sound, making the location one of the better venues we have performed in. Certainly worth considering a repeat setting!

Adrian is the Principal Conductor and Director of Music of the SCSO. For Adrian's bio, click here.

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