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Rhys Williams: Soloist for A Night at The Proms

Born on the Sunshine Coast in 1999, Rhys didn't start his journey with the violin until the age of 13, making swift progress through his school music lessons. This prompted tutelage under Julie-Anne O'Reilly, until he graduated high school.

After studying a Bachelors of Science for a few years, Rhys realised that his true love was music, and he left science behind to spend a year preparing for acceptance into the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Rhys is now in his second year at the Queensland Conservatorium, under the mentorship of Associate Professor and contemporary violinist, Graeme Jennings. Praised by his colleagues for his fearlessness and musicality, Rhys is excited to return to his home on the Sunshine Coast to share the magic, in music, that words simply can't express.

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