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Behind the scenes: what goes into making a great performance

Updated: May 10, 2021

Just how much work is it to create a symphony orchestra performance?

Well, first there is the practice. To master an instrument, each musician has probably practiced for the famous 10,000 hours. There are usually about 50 musicians in a symphony orchestra, so that's half a million hours right there!

The orchestra committee and musical director will have spent many hours deciding the repertoire, sourcing the music, communicating with the players, organising the concert hall, publicising the concert, writing the programme, and not to mention transporting the percussion!

The orchestra will have rehearsed together about 6 - 8 times before the concert, 2 hours per rehearsal, and each player will have practiced the tricky bits at home for hours.

So, in terms of an hourly rate, the price you pay for your ticket is a bargain!

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